Zenawi is a character in the DaGeDar TV Series and the leader of the African team. He is a grass Dag-Battler whose partner is Benga-Raw.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

He has Black medium short length hair; he has three curved spikes coming out top and back of head. Has a thick clump of hair coming down left side of face with a red African band on it that stops at neck. Has a brown band with African feathers sticking out from it on top of his head.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

Wears a yellowish sash type shirt made from animal (Lion) furs and skin the shirt exposes right shoulder and arm. His pants are made of orange and brown kuba cloth with squiggly lines on it. He wears a brown leather sash as a belt. He wears traditional African brown shoes with African markings on them. He wears an African band on his right forearm and a smaller African band on his left wrist. He has red face paint in the form of African symbols on his cheeks and forehead.