Waldhurga is a antagonist in the DaGeDar TV Series and is a member of the German team. She is a grass Dag-Battler whose partner is Seeping Tom.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

Has light blonde medium long length hair that is wavy and then ties into two medium-thick loosely braided ponytails/pigtails that come down in front. The braids end ¾ the way down, and the ends are straight/wavy/frizzy. The place where the braids end and the straight/wavy/frizzy begins is tied with brown leather. She also has two long-length thick braided ponytails/pigtails that start at the sides of her head and go down her back. These braids too end about ¾ the way down and the rest is wavy/ straight/frizzy. They are tied with brown leather also. Her hair is smooth on top. She also has a thin strip of wavy hair coming down the both sides of her face and reaching neck.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

She has a long sleeved white blouse with shoulders and all of her back exposed. She has a faded green garment with brown straps/lacing over the blouse. The garment ends at her sides, so the straps/lacing goes around to her back over her skin. This garment has two straps starting from top of garment that go up and around her neck. She has a faded green German skirt with German plaid designs around the bottom. She has a medium thick faded brown band around her left leg (thigh). She has a light green washrag/cloth hanging over her skirt in front. She has light green medium length socks. She has brown German high heel boots.