Toshihiro is one of the main protagonists in the DaGeDar TV Series and a member of the Crystal Collectors. He is a metal Dag-Battler whose partner is U.F. Oshi.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

Dark green medium short hair that comes to a point on the back of the top of his head and somewhat goes back also has some short spikes going down in front. Has Dark Grey Glasses.

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

Dark Green Button Coat with grey shirt underneath. Coat has white trim. Has white scarf with no tail around neck. He has greyish black pants. Has a brown belt. He has white shoes. Has a brown bag vertically around waist that holds laptop, DaGeDar, and sometimes Gangal. He has a digitally enhanced watch on his left wrist that can unfold into a small laptop/screen. From this screen he can identify different DaGeDar, information about them and their element among other things.