General Trakenite is a main antagonist in the DaGeDar TV Series and second in command of the Terralian Black Army. He is a wind Dag-Battler whose partner is Grimpire.

Appearance (Hair)Edit

Brown little spikes on his head and a medium ponytail that curls up at the tip. Has black streaks in hair. He has two spiky strips of hair that come down to his shoulders and jet out. Sometimes lets ponytail out and has medium hair to his shoulders. He also wears a Generals Cap

Appearance (Outfit)Edit

Pale grey skin. Has a black uniform with silver tassels on the shoulders, the uniform has teal trim on it. Has high black boots with teal trim. The uniform comes up tight around his neck and has multiple buttons going down on each side of the front of the uniform. The wrists of the uniform have teal cuffs. The left side cuff contains the Terralian Black Army symbol on it.